Anti Grav Foot & Bath Soak – Guava & Lychee

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The ultimate treat for your feet, without visiting a day spa! This Anti-Grav Foot & Bath Soak is a herbal spa designed to soothe sore muscles and joints, whether you’ve been standing on your feet all day, engaging in sports, have chronic sore feet, or just want to warm and pamper your hooves. This blend contains herbs that are respected for their anti-inflammatory, analgesic, soothing qualities. It’s fragranced with a delicious Guava & Lychee fragrance oil that will leave your mouth watering. Give gravity the flick!

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This is a decadent treat for anyone who enjoys putting the brakes on for a wee bit. Whether you ache to the bones from standing all day, running or walking, gardening, training, hiking, have chronically sore feet or just like to treat your hooves from time to time, these foot soaks are a soothing, fragrant bucket of happiness.

Inside the packet, you’ll find a mega-sized teabag. There’s enough herbs in there for at least one large bucket and will stretch to a full bath if you prefer. The herbs inside are:

  • Hibiscus petals – aside from looking and smelling wonderful, it’s also lightly exfoliating and may help with wound healing.
  • Calendula petals – another skin-loving, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial addition to the herbal package.
  • Kawakawa leaf – the star of the show, this endemic New Zealand plant has wonderful analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.
  • Comfrey leaf – also known as “knitbone”, this humble garden herb can help with sprains, bruises, inflammation and joint pain.
  • Lemon balm – also contributes anti-inflammatory, skin-loving properties and has been used to help relieve pain.
  • St John’s Wort – has been used historically for wound healing, inflammation, bruising etc.
  • Manuka leaf – renowned for its antimicrobial and wound-healing properties.

You’ll also find a hearty scoop of some incredible-smelling bath salts inside the envelope. Epsom salts, regarded as a first choice for soothing sore muscles, make up the bulk of this formulation; the rest is essential oils or a fragrance oil, a mix of surfactants to emulsify them (and to prevent them from sitting on the surface of the water – safety first!), and a blend of salts and starch to keep the product flowing freely – even if you’ve left it sitting alone for months.

This is a mild, self-foaming formula that won’t quite give you a rich lather, but it has a lovely soft skin-feel and will provide bubbles with a few vigorous swishes.

There are detailed instructions for brewing this epic product here, but in a nutshell:

Express method:

  1. Pop the giant tea bag into your bucket (no need to cut this bag open!), add a jug or two (or more!) of boiling water, and allow to infuse for 15+ minutes. The water should turn a rich golden colour.
  2. Once the herbal infusion is as strong as you like, add more water to a comfortable temperature. Pour in the remaining bath salts. Add your own Epsom salts too if you like!
  3. Plop your feet in and enjoy!

Ritual method:

  1. Fill a large pot with water and gently simmer with the tea bag inside for at least 30 minutes. The infusion should be a dark orange or deep ruby red.
  2. Add the herbal infusion to your bucket or bath. Top up with water to a comfortable temperature, and pour in the remaining bath salts. Add your own Epsom salts too if you like! Especially if you’re using in a full bath.
  3. Plop your feet or yourself in and enjoy!


Hibiscus petals, calendula petals, kawakawa leaves, lemon balm leaves, comfrey leaves, St John’s wort, manuka leaves, epsom salts, himalayan pink salt, tapioca starch, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate (SLSA), polysorbate 80, fragrance.

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