Fragranced Soy Wax Melts – Samples


Something new and delicious from Treebrush Apothecary is on the horizon!

Presenting the very first of Treebrush Apothecary’s experiments with fragranced wax melts. With so many fragrance samples to try that didn’t quite suit The OG, and so many requests for home fragrance, it’s about heckin’ time we got stuck in.

Naturally, there’s only so much we can test ourselves (especially with picky noses in the household), so we’d love to involve the rest of you in the research. What fragrances deserve to stay?

For the rest of 2021, every purchase through the online store will receive a wax melt for free – all we want is your feedback!


Fragranced soy wax melts

Right off the bat, we’ve decided to stick to natural, renewable wax for the base of our new home fragrance lineup. Soy wax is fantastic – in addition to being nature-derived, it also melts at a lower temperature and burns longer than paraffin, and in candles, it doesn’t soot either.

These wax melts are a great option if you have (or prefer) a wax/oil warmer, or don’t want to light a candle inside your house, but want to enjoy epic fragrance all the same.

Each cube uses fragrance oil to work its magic, but there’s premium beeswax and essential oil wax melts also being developed behind the scenes.

What’s in the package?

Inside each of these adorable, hand-wrapped packages are four mini cubes of fragranced soy wax, weighing approx 8g. You can drop the whole lot into your burner at once, or get creative if you’ve got a few and mix n’ match!

To use these wax melts, pop them into an oil or wax warmer and let them fragrance your home. Unlike candles, the wax doesn’t evaporate when it’s spent; simply use a cotton ball or paper towel to remove the spent liquid wax once warm, or pour it out and reuse it in any way you like.

Wait, did you say these are FREE?

Yep! For the rest of 2021, these wee packages will be included free with purchases through the store. All we want is to know what you think of them.

  • Any purchase: 1 free wax melt
  • Purchases over $40: 2 free wax melts
  • Purchases over $80: 4 free wax melts

You can purchase them separately too if you want to try more, of course.

Check back here regularly to see what fragrances have been added and what’s sold out!

If you want to choose exactly which fragrances you receive, please leave a note as you use the checkout, contact us or send a message on social media. You can see exactly what’s currently in stock in this listing.

Why tho?

There’s a box of at least 70 fragrance oil samples here at Treebrush Apothecary, most of which didn’t have “yeah, lotion time!” written all over them. Most of them are, uh, going to be rehomed. The rest…well, they’ll make their way in and out of the wax melt test runs listed here. In short, first off, we’re testing to see which fragrances you all love, and which you’re not super stoked about.

There’s also an entire box of different kinds of wax to work through too, to figure out which suits our fragrances and our melting needs the best.

What we’d love feedback on:

  • Did you enjoy the fragrance?
  • How many hours did the fragrance last for?
  • If the wax melts have experienced very high or very low temperatures since you received them, did they hold their shape?

Once the victors of this market research have popped to the top, there’ll be larger products on their way!

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Rose Petal Gelato, Blue Spruce, Thai Lime & Sandalwood, Frankincense & Myrrh, Blood Orange, Christmas in New York, Black Raspberry & Vanilla, Guava & Lychee, Citron & Mandarin, Amber Noir, Honeysuckle Jasmine, Mango & Tangerine, Sea Salt, Very Vanilla, Cinnamon, Pink Peony, Lily of the Valley


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