MUNTED: Kawakawa Balm, Lumpy


You win some, you lose some. In this case, these very fresh batches have refused to stay smooth.

These tins have the same skin-loving qualities as their fresh, smooth batch mates, they’re just of a different texture. Natural butters can sometimes form ‘beads’ when cooled incorrectly, and that’s exactly what’s happened here. Given they are natural butters like kokum, mango, shea and cocoa forming these beads, they melt at skin temperature and absorb into the skin…they just feel a little grainy on the way!

Why MUNTED: feels weird to the touch. Melts on the skin just fine. Might need patience if used as a lip balm, but on bigger, warmer body parts, there’ll be no issue!

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You’re viewing a MUNTED Treebrush Apothecary product.

What’s Munted?

Either a batch hasn’t gone to plan, the product is shipped in recycled or damaged packaging, or for some other reason it wouldn’t be sane to charge full price.

Why’s this one Munted?

My poor heat-soaked babies! These balms were subjected to some pretty extreme heat and sunlight during a couple of recent farmers markets here in Queenstown, where it was too windy to keep an umbrella over them (lest we become Mary Poppins). As a result, a fortnight onward, they have begun to form beads of shea or cocoa butter throughout the product. This doesn’t affect the performance of the balm at all – they’re just ugly! In the case of Wayfarer, this particular batch seems to be a bit more sensitive to beading in the heat than previous batches. It’s still fresh-as and smells absolutely mouthwatering, but will feel nicer on the skin when warm so the Minis especially are perfect for the pocket.

These beads of butter will melt pretty much immediately on the skin. These batches were made in January 2022 as well, so they’re brand spankin’ new. Want yourself a fresh Treebrush Apothecary balm at a discount? This is an absolute killer deal if you don’t mind some funny-lookin’ beads.

What the heck is Kawakawa Balm?

Kawakawa is a native New Zealand bush whose leaves have famously anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and analgesic properties. Treebrush Apothecary balms infuse these leaves into a skin-nourishing carrier oil, then blend with natural butters and waxes, a few choice essential oils, and packaged in convenient, reusable tins/jars. It can soothe and help to heal all manner of angry skin – bug bites, dry or cracked skin, chapped lips, cuts, scrapes, abrasions, eczema & psoriasis, razor burn, overwashed hands, and so much more. The limit is your imagination!

So…which balm?

Each balm’s blend of carrier oil, butter and essential oil is formulated with a texture, fragrance and general use in mind. All Treebrush Apothecary kawakawa balms are intended to help with soothing angry skin, so you can’t go wrong there!

Here’s some of the features you’ll find as you compare these awesome balms:

Balms with a fragrance:
No Regerts, Buzzbox, Wayfarer

Balms with only mānuka as essential oil:
Thuck, Thun, Mellow, Wayfarer

Vegan balms:

Barrier balms:

Balms with a cooling effect:
No Regerts, Thun

Best on eczema:
Thun, Mellow

Balms for after sun care:
No Regerts, Wayfarer

Balms for super dry skin:
Thuck, No Regerts, Wayfarer

Balms for babies:
Thuck, Thun, Mellow (though perhaps a smooth balm might be more pleasant on young skin!)

Best for lips:
Buzzbox, No Regerts, Wayfarer

Skin conditioning:
Thuck, Mellow, No Regerts

Fastest absorbing:
Wayfarer, Thuck

Protective balms:
Buzzbox, No Regerts


Weight 0.014 kg
Dimensions 3.8 × 3.8 × 2.2 cm
Munted Balm

Thun 10mL Mini, Thuck 10mL Mini, No Regerts 10mL Mini, Wayfarer 10mL Mini, Mellow 10mL Mini, Thun 30mL, Thuck 30mL, Wayfarer 30mL, Thun 60mL Jar, Mellow 10mL Mini, Mellow 30mL Tin, Wayfarer 60mL Jar